This is How to Make an Instagram Video using your Android Phone and your Spouse.

I do have friends.

This is a skeptical gentleman who has friends.
He is not Mahlena’s spouse.


For Casa Loma’s Halloween event–Captain Morgan presents Legends of Horror featuring The Vampire Circus–I used my Pixel 2 XL phone and my Instagram profile to create and publish the following 30-second, promotional video, “I Have Friends”:


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Step into Forever at Casa Loma

A Fairytale Wedding at Casa Loma



According to the About Us page of the Casa Loma website, “Casa Loma is one of Toronto’s top tourist attractions and hospitality venues… A perfect backdrop for special occasions, Casa Loma also plays host to over 250 private events annually.” (

As “Toronto’s Majestic Castle”, Casa Loma promotes their event space as an award-winning venue that “provides the perfect setting for an evening you will never forget.” ( The Casa Loma profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter include regular photos of their events—including weddings—which creates awareness of Casa Loma as a location available for fairytale celebrations at a Canadian castle.

My concept for the brand builds on this awareness of Casa Loma as a wedding location, sparks interest from existing fans and followers on Casa Loma’s social media profiles, and incites action from wedding planners to investigate Casa Loma as a possible venue for their event.

The three images chosen below–which work in sequence to tell a story–were created using photos taken by me, Mahlena, on the grounds of Casa Loma with my Pixel 2 XL phone, the natural lighting of the overcast, rainy day, and no filters.


Are you ready to jump at Casa Loma?

(Image: Mahlena-Rae Johnson)

I staged the first photo in the front gardens at Casa Loma, using the hands of my #SenecaSoMe classmates Devangi Patoliya and Amandeep Sadyora in front of the white flower bush. The photo was composed using symmetry and the rule of thirds, leading the viewer to focus on the linked hands while also noticing the white flowers in the background, fitting with a wedding theme.


Brooms available for jumping at Casa Loma!

(Image: Mahlena-Rae Johnson)

For the second photo, I found an abandoned broom in Casa Loma’s Coach parking area and positioned it on a ledge in front of a purple flower bush. I filled the bottom of the frame with the broom fibers which lead diagonally from right to left in the photo.


Follow the brick road, and we're off!

(Image: Mahlena-Rae Johnson)

The third photo was taken by sticking my hands through the locked gate leading to the Secret Garden at Casa Loma. I composed the photo by allowing the brick path to lead from the bottom left to the top right of the frame, where the white event tent is located.

I used the tools on to add the wording at the top of the photos and to place the Casa Loma transparent logo at the bottom right.

In the images, a couple wonders if they are ready to jump into marriage. Casa Loma will provide the broom for their wedding, along with the other necessary accoutrements. The path to the Secret Garden implies that Casa Loma can help the couple start their lives together.

Instead of simply viewing Casa Loma as a final destination for a couple’s wedding ceremony and reception, the images suggest that Casa Loma will function as their partner throughout their journey to the big day. Professional wedding planners would perceive Casa Loma as a one stop shop and present the venue to their clients as a complete package to serve the couple’s needs for their entire marriage celebration.

Additionally, the concept would allow Casa Loma to upsell venue rental opportunities to the couple, both before and after the wedding. Future social media images would include the following photos taken at Casa Loma:

– A couple’s Proposal in front of the castle, buoyed by a dancing flash mob

– A Bachelor and/or Bachelorette party centered on the King of the Bootleggers game in the Casa Loma Escape Series

– A family Engagement party at the BlueBlood Steakhouse

– The couple’s Wedding ceremony in the Conservatory

– The couple’s Wedding reception in the Library

– And eventually, the Baby shower in Lady Mary’s Suite!


Baby booties!