Mahlena’s First Look at Frames and Filters on Facebook and Snapchat

Mahlena is escaping a fountain at Casa Loma.

Facebook approved this frame. But my family did not.



Facebook Frame

Creating a Facebook frame starts with selecting an image to act as the frame’s centerpiece. This photo of a fountain was taken by me in front of Casa Loma in Toronto. I saved the photo on my computer as a .PNG file.


Mahlena's original photo of the fountain in front of Casa Loma


To incorporate this photo into a image for a Facebook frame, I used the Pixlr Editor. home page:


I clicked on the OPEN PIXLR EDITOR button, which led to the Pixlr Editor page:


I clicked on CREATE A NEW IMAGE.

On the subsequent page, I change the Width from 800 to 1080 and the Height from 600 to 2340. I also checked the box next to Transparent.


Clicking OK sent me to the page where I could design the transparent .PNG image to upload to the Facebook Frame Studio.


Once I finish editing on Pixlr, I saved my new transparent image as a .PNG file:


Then I went to the Facebook Frame Studio:


I clicked on the Create a  Frame button, which led here:


I clicked on the Upload Art button, uploaded my Pixlr image, and adjusted the image to fit the PORTRAIT display:


Here is the final image that I created on Pixlr for the Facebook frame. The orange text at the top–“Escaping from the fountain at Casa Loma!”–coordinates with the design theme of Casa Loma website and logo.
Mahlena's Pixlr image for the Facebook frame


Finally, here is a photo of my face from my phone’s Facebook’s application using my Escaping Casa Loma Fountain frame.

Mahlena is escaping a fountain at Casa Loma.


Snapchat Geofilter

For my Casa Loma Snapchat Geofilter, I used the same image that I created in Pixlr for my Facebook Frame:


Since I had my Pixlr image already, I started on Snapchat’s Create Your Own Filters & Lenses page:


Clicking on the GET STARTED button took me to this page:


Then I clicked on Filters, which led here:


Finally, I uploaded the image I created onto Pixlr:


Thank you.


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