This is How to Make an Instagram Video using your Android Phone and your Spouse.

I do have friends.

This is a skeptical gentleman who has friends.
He is not Mahlena’s spouse.


For Casa Loma’s Halloween event–Captain Morgan presents Legends of Horror featuring The Vampire Circus–I used my Pixel 2 XL phone and my Instagram profile to create and publish the following 30-second, promotional video, “I Have Friends”:




The video concept was inspired by the lyrics of the song, “I Have Friends”, featured on Season 1 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I planned the video using five shots, which all took place with the same camera setup facing the sink. Between cuts, I paused the recording on my phone and directed the talent–my husband James Paige–on how to perform the actions and how to change his tone for each of his lines.

Once the filming was completed, I checked the raw footage. Then I used the Hefe filter on Instagram to make the video look warmer and help focus the viewer’s attention on the action centered inside the sink.

Finally, I posted the video on Instagram with related text, hashtags, and a link to the Legends of Horror event, all encouraging the viewer to visit Casa Loma on Halloween, with their friends.


I Have Friends on Instagram

The Instagram video platform can be useful to brands in Canada who have a story to tell about their products or services and want to engage audiences ages 18-44, which make up 75% of the platforms users. The largest share of users are ages 25-34 and make up almost a third of the Canadian user base. (Statista, “Distribution of Instagram users in Canada as of September 2018, by age group”, )

Additionally, incorporating relevant hashtags to the video post on Instagram would allow new audiences to discover the brand’s profile and then stayed engaged by watching the video.


Thank you.

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